Saltylicious Footsoak | Awaken

Saltylicious Footsoak | Awaken

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Pamper tired, sore feet with an invigorating Saltylicious Foot Soak❤️

Our Awaken Saltylicious Footsoak defiantly awakens the soul. An uplifting fsoak with Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint & creamy Vanilla.

Loaded with Epsom Salts, Coconut Oil & Witch Hazel in your favorite Diamonds & Dust fragrances, a foot soak can help reduce inflammation, stress, detoxify and improve sleep. Saltylicious will leave your feet cool, soft & deodorized fresh as a daisy.

Simply fill a bucket with cool water, enough to cover your ankles - pour in desired amount (up to 3 applications per bag), pop feet in, grab a book, relax & soak for minimum 20 minutes.

(300 gram Ziplock Bag | Soak Colours may vary)