Signature Scented Reed Diffuser - Colours of Karijini

Signature Scented Reed Diffuser - Colours of Karijini

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Your favorite Diamonds & Dust bespoke fragrance's from our Signature Candle Collection are now available in a beautiful Matte Black Diamond Stud Scented Reed Diffuser to match with Copper colored luxe tassel.

Turn your home into a therapeutic retreat 24/7 without the worry of a burning flame. Our long lasting fragrance reed diffusers will revitalize any space where its placed by simply placing the natural fiber reed sticks in the bottle, after 1 hour turn the sticks then leave. Turn weekly for a fresh burst of fragrance or whenever you desire a fragrance release.

Long lasting up to 6 months depending on air conditions, flame free, low fuss alternative to candles.

Presented for gifting in a Black Organza Bag.

Proudly Australian Made