Unicorn Starz Bath Sprinkles 200gr| Marshmallow

Unicorn Starz Bath Sprinkles 200gr| Marshmallow

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Make bathtime a little more fun for the littlest people in your life............or big kids!

The funky Pink, Yellow & Blue colour & fizz will have the toughest bath takers wanting to jump right in!

Our Fizzleyashizzle Unicorn Starz Bath Sprinkles are like a Bathbomb in a bag with instant fragrance & fizz. Blended with Epsom salt, coconut oil & kaolin clay to draw out toxins, remove impurities, nourish the skin & melt away tension. Funky food grade colours for extra fun with floating gold starz.

200 gram bag with up to 3 Bath Fizz fun using as little or as much as you desire.

Marshmallow fragrance is a calming, soft, warming fragrance, not too sweet or strong, perfect for kids to drift them of into slumberland before bed. Colour may vary.